As of September 13, 2017 AJALI pledges to donate 5% of all sales towards charitable acts to affect change in our community. This is something that has been on our visionboard for years and we’re so grateful to have the opportunity to finally be taking steps towards impacting society.

“Supporters of the AJALI brand will know that our passion for natural beauty transcends the actual products we create and sell but stems from our desire to change attitudes and mindsets, encourage positivity and self-love and promote healthy living. But for so many, these concepts are a far-fetched dream for an elite few. I want my brand to be part of the solution that helps to fill in the gaps.” – Ifeyinwa Ojekwe, Founder

Watch this space for updates on our projects.

If you would like to support us financially, volunteer your time, or have any suggestions for charities we can support, please email theajalifoundation@ajali.com.ng

John 15:17 “If you love me, feed my sheep”

Women's Kiri Kiri Prison Visit

On December 29, 2017 we embarked on our first mission to visit the women at the Kiri Kiri Prison in Lagos.  We were able to gift the women with toiletries, water, food and feminine hygiene products, hear their stories and uplift them during a time of the year that it usually very difficult for them. Thank you to everyone who supported our first project by donating and volunteering, and also thank you to Kiri Kiri Prison for accommodating us.